How to choose a swimsuit for someone with a large bust

Dark off-the-shoulder swimwear, oversized cup tops with underwires are elegant and secure looks for those with bulging busts.

Owning a blooming bust is the dream of many women, but it is the “insiders” who understand that a “big” bust also brings inconvenience when choosing clothes and an uncomfortable feeling because of the loss of life. attract the attention of many people. For that reason, cool outfits like swimwear make it more difficult for girls with busts to choose.

So how do people not pay too much attention to their breasts when wearing swimsuits and still have enough charm? If she is having this same concern, Loélia will immediately suggest swimwear models for people with large busts.

DARK OFF-shoulder Swimwear

First, Loélia encourages women with a large bust to choose off-shoulder swimsuits because they are both luxurious and well-protected.. In off-shoulder swimwear models, Sexy bare shoulders will offset the charm when she chooses to hide her voluptuous bust. The soft and contoured foam padding that Loélia inserts inside helps shape the bust and still feels comfortable after she swims.

The withered green tone of Harriet ‘s off-the-shoulder swimsuit will harmonize with the autumn and winter landscape, when everything seems to settle down and the trees begin to change leaves. This color tone also brings a special charm thanks to its fancy and the ability to “chicify” the style for the girl who owns a blooming bust.

If you are a color lover, a little pastel pink is mixed asymmetrically with the black tone on the off-shoulder model Harmony by Loélia will satisfy her tastes and impress the opposite person with stylish fashion taste, and at the same time distract attention in the first round.

Referring to the color tone that creates a neat feeling, she will immediately think of black, right? Don’t forget that dark navy has the same effect as black and is more youthful, so the size of the bust will be “covered up” when she wears an off-shoulder model. Loélia’s Rich Navy , plus navy blue is very trendy and suitable for all ages, so this is a swimsuit model that people with a large bust cannot ignore.


The basic shape of the Cappuccino swimwear is quite discreet and safe for big busts. To avoid monotony, Loélia has highlighted the color scheme on Cappuccino, two neutral pieces of brown and black combine to create a fresh, youthful but no less modern look for the classic swimsuit. dictionary. With the chest part of the black color scheme, she does not need to worry about her bust showing as much as when wearing light colors.


The most important thing when choosing a bikini for a big-breasted woman is that the swimsuit must have frames to shape the bust, avoiding the case that “the children” are erratic when exercising.

Choosing the right size swimwear is not enough, a large bust often causes the swimsuit to be delayed, the design of a swimsuit with a frame with a large strap of the Dot Dot Dot bikini model will be a lifesaver for large busts. At the same time, the big shirt cup also helps her shield her breasts and doesn’t cause offense.

In order not to draw attention to her bust, she should not choose a bikini with colorful or cumbersome prints, the small polka dots on the black background of the Dot Dot Dot design are just enough for her to look elegant. and delicate.

And no matter what she wears, her charisma always creates beauty, it is worth mentioning here that she must always be confident in herself. Big bust is something to be proud of but should know how to make it more beautiful.


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